Behoud en beheer

Instituut Collectie Nederland

Het Instituut Collectie Nederland is een overheidsinstelling met zorg voor beheer en behoud van roerend cultureel erfgoed.
Het geeft adviezen over collectie- en cultuurbeheer, doet conserveringsonderzoek, leidt op tot restaurator, organiseert scholingscursussen voor restauratoren en medewerkers van collectiebeherende instellingen en beheert een grote kunstcollectie. De combinatie van advies, onderzoek, onderwijs en collectiebeheer binnen één instituut maakt het ICN tot een unieke instelling, zowel in Nederland als daarbuiten.
Het ICN is een onderdeel van het Ministerie van OCenW.
Restauratoren Nederland

Nederlands Fotomuseum

Sinds begin 2003 zijn het Nederlands Fotoarchief, Nederlands Foto Instituut en het Nationaal Fotorestauratie Atelier opgegaan in het Nederlands Fotomuseum. Het museum richt zich op de fotografie in de breedste zin van het woord: fotohistorie, de ontwikkeling van de hedendaagse fotografie, professionele en amateurfotografie, de grensgebieden van de fotografie (bijv. met de beeldende kunst, de media, en de film) etc.
Het Nederlands fotomuseum bezit het grootste aantal negatievenarchieven van Nederlandse fotografen in ons land en heeft een in fotoconservering en -restauratie gespecialiseerd atelier. De bibliotheek van het fotomuseum is een onmisbaar kenniscentrum van de Nederlandse fotografie.
tel. Afdeling Conservering en Restauratie: 010 233 16 96

Conservation OnLine
Resources for Conservation Professionals (VS)

Conservation OnLine (CoOL), a project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries, is a full text library of conservation information, covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library, archives and museum materials.

SEPIA international

SEPIA (Safeguarding European Photographic Images for Access) is a EU-funded project focusing on preservation of photographic materials.

To Have and To Hold
Preservation of Photographic collections

Historical photographic collections are an essential part of our cultural heritage. The growing interest in photography, as a form of artistic expression as well as a visual record of past times, has raised questions about how to treat photographic materials in a responsible way. These questions are not only relevant to collection keepers in archives, museums and libraries but also to anyone with old family albums at home. This website will offer some guidance in finding information about the long-term preservation of all kind of photographic materials.

The Centre for Photographic Conservation (Groot-Brittannië)

Welcome to The Centre for Photographic Conservation in London, England. The Centre is situated in South East London and is close to many interesting and historic sites including the Horniman Museum, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Royal Observatory, the Millennium Dome and Crystal Palace, the final site of the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Light Impressions
The Leading Resource for Archival Supplies (VS)

Light Impressions offers the highest quality archival supplies including photo albums, frames, mat board, slide, negative, film, and print storage, portfolios, storage boxes and bags, scrapbooking supplies, and much more for your photographs, artwork and other valuable materials.

The Hollinger Corporation
archival storage products (VS)

Hollinger manufactures a large variety of boxes, envelopes, folders, tubes, papers, labels, tapes, inert plastic sleeves and binder inserts, and other products to store.
The Hollinger Corporation was founded in 1945 by William Kenneth Hollinger (1912-1977) in Arlington, Virginia. After World War II, Mr. Hollinger directed his attention to the problem of the deterioration of historic documents. Working with chemist William Barrow and officials at The Library of Congress and National Archives, Hollinger developed acid free papers, storage boxes and envelopes that would allow for the proper preservation of valuable documents and photographs.
In the 58 years since it began, The Hollinger Corporation has introduced numerous archival products for the preservation of a large variety of valuable materials.
Still owned and managed by the Hollinger family, The Hollinger Corporation remains the quality leader for archival products.

Print File Inc., archival storage
archival storage products (VS)

Since 1967 Print File, Inc. has been the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality archival storage products.
When you purchase our products, you will see and feel the quality that has earned Print file the distinction as the clear choice of amateur and professional photographers, high schools, colleges, universities, museums and other fine institutions around the world.